Sunday, 28 September 2008, 0:18 | Category : Life
Tags : I’m sure if you’ve read this blog at all before, then you may wonder “Why TrashFlower?” And even if you haven’t, you may be wondering the same thing. Well, the thing about trashflowers are this: they’re a little bit funny. A little bit sad.And have just a touch of romance, if you can get past the sadness and humor.

Where did it come from?

I was on a trip with a guy I was dating – out in Vegas. Walking through a casino in the older part of town, he goes over to throw away a tissue, and pauses, looking into the trashcan. He cocked his head a bit to one side like a curious dog, and carefully reached inside. I couldn’t imagine what he was getting out of the trash can – maybe a good chip. Maybe cash. But instead, he pulled out a single red rose, wrapped in plastic. He took off the plastic, and handed the rose to me. I couldn’t decide, and I still can’t, if the gesture was endearing or disgusting. Either way, I carried the flower around through the rest of the trip, and brought it home with me. It wasn’t the flower’s fault.

I’ve never forgotten that poor forgotten flower, so I named my blog in its honor. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, and sometimes, if I’m lucky, a little bit romantic.

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