Monday, 8 September 2008, 15:20 | Category : Life
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Alright, so it’s been a while since I actually *wrote* anything. And there’s so much to write about!

  • The historic nomination of Sarah Palin for VP (something I probably won’t address here because of my distaste for joining the political rhetoric… but something interesting to read about in the news)
  • Changes at my job… exciting, newsworthy, but utterly and completely overwhelming, and a big part of the reason that the blog has been so sadly neglected.
  • My re-enforced love for some video games, and the need for a good community that allows non-supergamers to write about their experiences. (Really, I’ve never beaten a video game. And when I’m on a site on which people are talking about how many HOURS it took them to beat a game, it becomes a little disheartening)
  • My crazy cat’s antics. I know nobody cares but me, but the story about him locking himself in the bathroom, and then getting himself back out is pretty entertaining.
  • The approach of fall

And, of course, music, books, quotes, and creativity.

So, later today, I’m going to write about books or creativity – and maybe some of the other things thrown in there as well. Just thought I’d warn the 3 of you out there who actually read my blog that I haven’t forgotten you afterall.

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