Target Does Feel More Like Home…

Sunday, 2 November 2008, 23:44 | Category : Life
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So, here I am in Ohio again…. my third home away from home. (The first home away from home is the Annex, because even though I live there, its not really home. The second home away from home is Stinkypint’s little apartment). I’ve nearly come here often enough that I’ll opt to not get the GPS in my rental car, but I think I’d miss the friendly voice that says “In point-five miles, stay left on highway I-75.” Tonight I embarked on a new adventure – finding a “local” Target store. I wanted to pick up a few provisions for the next few days. You know, the necessities, like Diet Coke and dried apricots.

We’ve all got little things that make unusual surroundings feel more like home. There are travel candles that make your hotel room smell like home. Travel alarm clocks so you wake up to the same annoying buzz. Travel photo frames so you can be surrounded by the pictures of the ones you love. Turns out that one of the things I need to feel a little more comfortable is to wander through the aisles of a Target store, even in the middle of an unidentified suburbia.

Having gone to Target does make Ohio more comfortable, although it doesn’t make my hotel friendlier. Now I’m off to get a good night’s sleep before I head into the office bright and early in the morning.

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