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SP told me the other day that he was going to put together a timeline for how he was going to get to his dream job. He had an estimate of 18-24 months from the day he really got started to the day he felt like he could work there, mostly dependent upon how long the special training would take and then the actual job search.

I’ve decided to take a page out of his book and start building a bit of a timeline for my own life. I’ve got a few projects currently in the works that I want to finish – mostly crafty kinds of things that I could store away for years like my grandmother did, or that I can just finish now so that they’re done and I can enjoy them.

I’ve got a nasty habit of starting things that I don’t finish. Right now, I’ve got 2 knitting projects started, three or four websites, 2 books (to write), 3 books (to read)… and heaven knows what else. So, I’m going to finish at least one of the knitting projects before Thanksgiving (fingers crossed), and the other when I get back. I’ll finish the books I’m reading, and put a couple of the websites on hold (or sell them). I’ll probably keep the stories on my computer, and I’ll try to write them as I find time.

And in the interim, I’m going to study for the GMAT so that I can get into a professional MBA program next fall.

I’ve heard that once you put something into writing that you’ll actually do it – so there it is. In writing. And I’m commiting to it to you, my friendly reader, whoever you are. If you’re out there.

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