What I love about Halloween

Saturday, 1 November 2008, 13:21 | Category : Life
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Yesterday, my mom and I took part of the afternoon off to head up to the mountains one last time before my November on the road kicks in, and the snow makes it more treacherous than we care to dare. By the time we got there (it took forever to vote…. look for that in another post), most of the little shops we love to browse had closed for Halloween, as had the main street. This quaint town turned the entire main street (which is part of a state highway) into a safe-zone for the dozens of trick-or-treaters. This is what I love about Halloween: the little kids in their costumes. Little giraffes, and princesses and Iron Men. Babies as flowers and peas in pods. Moms and daughters in matching cow outfits. Of course, in one door had to be one of the things that ruins it all; a dark doorway, an adult dressed as a gorilla, with a hatchet.

This is what I hate about Halloween: All the horrors. All the things that go bump and boo in the night. The world is a frightening place – with husbands murdering wives and hiding their bodies, the multiple murders in the Hudson family, the upcoming election. Isn’t life scary enough without strangers wielding chainsaws dressed as aliens jumping out from behind a tree? We know that horrors exist in the world; I don’t need them shoved in my face just for the sake of someone else’s sick pleasure.

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