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Wednesday, 19 November 2008, 10:47 | Category : working
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peace, love and understanding? I’m struggling a lot right now with trying to give instructions. I’ve always tried to pride myself on my ability to give clear-cut, easy to understand instructions. It seems like recently those instructions are going unread, unheeded, or flat out ignored. The problem stems from haircuts and colors to simple work projects.

Has our culture become so plug and play, so “make your own adventure” that we can no longer function within the rules of a traditional society? I read book exerpt last night about a “Results-Only Work Environment”.  Sure, it sounds like a great concept. You work the hours that are best for you, because you’re paid for a chunk of work, not a chunk of time. The biggest problem that I forsee with that is that we’re not working in independent silos. We’ve got to meet with each other, discuss with each other, and answer to one another for projects at the appropriate time and location.

In the meantime, take 15 seconds and read the instructions! We’re not writing them for fun – we’re writing them because there are specific reasons for what we need.

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  1. 1John

    what’s wrong with a home-grown adventure? Escapism is the new frontier. Like college in the 60s and the 70s. I want to sit and do my traditional job just about as much as I want to have my nose hairs plucked out with a tweezer (it makes me tear).

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