Books Don't Have Ears

Friday, 19 December 2008, 0:25 | Category : Life
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I was finishing up some Christmas shopping the other day at one of my favorite stores: Barnes & Noble. I was chatting on my cell phone with my mom, as people are apt to do, about what I had left to do.  I wasn’t being loud, or obnoxious, or talking about anything disgusting. A total stranger walked up to me and said:

“Do you have to talk on your cell phone in a bookstore?”

I just smiled at her and said “Yes, I do.”

Ok, so here are my pet peeves about this…. she got into my personal space to tell me this, which seems like a much bigger invasion of personal space than someone talking on the phone near you. Secondly, we were in a bookstore. Not a library. Not a morgue. Not a movie or a performance hall. We were in a place of commerce, surrounded by customers browsing, laughing with each other over books, and asking for help from the friendly staff. There was talking all around, but I was apparently disturbing the peace because I was on my cell phone.

I really hope the gal has a very happy holiday. Obviously something grumpy had gotten in her britches!

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