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… since I posted, and I have so much to write about! I was able to visit SPJB in New York for the Thanksgiving holiday. His birthday conveniently falls around the same time, so with a little bit of a longer trip, I was able to see him for both the holiday and his birthday.

So, to start with – I flew in on Saturday the 22nd. About a week and a half before I got there, I contacted a couple of SPJB’s friends to help plan a surprise birthday party for him. Ok… so actually they planned the whole thing. My only job was to make sure that he got to the appointed place at the right time, and without a clue about what was going on. And we pulled it off beautifully. It went so far as to me picking a fight with him – but the moment that we walked into the room at B-Bar, every lie, every sleepless night and every moment that I was filled with fear that it wouldn’t work – it was totally worth it. I think it was probably one of the best things that I was ever able to do for someone. I’ll remember that look and that moment for the rest of my life.

So… after that, I guess the rest of the story and the rest of the trip was just a whirlwind of memories. On Tuesday, SPJB’s actual birthday, I got into an argument with his mailman. Normally, I don’t really fight with people. I hate confrontation with a passion. (When I’m angry, I cry… its not a good thing). When the mailman knocked on the door, I thought he had a package for SPJB’s birthday. Instead, he needed to communicate with me about the broken latch on the mailbox. The missing key to the story is that the mailman is mute. I asked simple questions “Who owns the mailbox so that we can ask them to fix it?” and he wrote “If the mail is not there, it is not my fault.” After about 8 minutes of this, I just walked away back to the apartment. Never fight with a mute. You can’t win.

The rest of SPJB’s birthday was fairly quiet… we got a quiet dinner, played a few video games (much more on video games to come). If his birthday was quiet, Thanksgiving was anything but. We started out the day by heading to the Macy’s Day parade. It was actually SPJB’s idea to go in for the parade; I didn’t ask because he had told me previously that it would be a nightmare to get into the city. We managed to make it pretty easy, parking on the edge of town and walking in. We were far enough back in the crowd that we couldn’t see any of the marching bands, but we had a great view of the giant balloons. Looking back at the pictures, the balloons look incredibly scary – like they’re actually going to eat the crowd.

SpongeBob Eats NYC

After the parade, we went to SPJB’s family home for Thanskgiving dinner. My traditional Thanksgiving is my mom and I in our PJs, watch the parade, and start eating at about 11 am. At SPJB’s, there were aboug 15 people – loud, game-playing, sometimes argumentative people. While it wasn’t what I was used to, it was a great day. Of course, I missed my momma like crazy.

Friday after Thanksgiving, we snuck out in the evening to use a gift card SPJB got for his birthday. We scoured the mall for the game Left 4 Dead. I thought I’d hate the game – a first-person shooter, that centers around 4 human survivors in areas taken over by zombies. Not just zombies – but horrible greusome, attacking zombies. Once I learned the controls for the game, I absolutely became addicted. Addicted to the point that I’ve considered picking up a used xbox just so that I can play the game. Its so good. I dream about killing zombies now.

Saturday night we went into the city to see the tree at Rockefeller Center, windows on 5th Avenue, and of course the Christmas Spectacular Extravaganza Show, staring the Rockettes. Overall the show was entertaining, especially when the midget got stuck in a hovering mini airplane. The show was shut down briefly while they extricated him from his predicament, and in typical NY fashion, the show went on.

Alright – that’s enough coverage of my trip for tonight. I’ve got some reading and writing to do. I’ll try to blog a little more often now.

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  1. 1John

    the last thing i wish upon anybody is ZOMBIE dreams. u never win, always run out of ammo…and invariably end up waking urself up in the middle of the night with gruesome hands and mouths and death burned into the back of your eyelids.

    u should date someone who plays fluffy unicorn games…but that’d probably lead you to being a lesbian (assuming this spjb is a dude and ur not a lesbian already). fun post!

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