Piles and Piles of Advice

Monday, 22 December 2008, 13:05 | Category : Life
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Like most web surfers, I have a few sites that I frequent that are all tips and advice driven. I get newsletters about being a better yogi, a better knitter, more crafty, and about more books that I should read. I have rss feeds about getting organized, being a better marketer – I even subscribe to “Wiki-How” which tells me how to do hundreds if not thousands of things better.

Today, an article from 43 Folders caught my attention: “Real Advice Hurts“. It provides a great point – no matter how many how-tos we read, no matter how many tips we collect – we don’t really get better at doing anything by reading about it. We get better by doing. I can read thousands of articles about doing a better ustrasana, but until I get myself to the yoga mat, I’ll never achieve the perfect backbend.

Does it mean those tips are less useful? I don’t think so. I still find value and inspiration in my newsletters full of tips; but I (and I’m guessing along with their thousands of other subscribers) need to actually start putting those tips to use!

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