There's Nothing Like Someone Else's Filth

Sunday, 21 December 2008, 0:08 | Category : Life
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There’s nothing like someone else’s filth to make you take a second look at how you live. I went today with my mom to help clean a newly-vacant apartment in our building. I use the term vacant lightly, as the previous tenant left several personal items, a fridge full of food, and made no attempt to clean.

By no attempt, I mean… I picked up half-eaten oreos and animal crackers from the floor. She left trash, including dirty diapers.

So… tomorrow, I’m spending some time cleaning my apartment, scrubbing every inch of the floors on my hands and knees…wiping baseboards… vacuuming… and for goodness sake, cleaning off the ceiling fans.

Oh – and I posted pictures of Christmas at my house.

Christmas 2008

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