Tuesday, 27 January 2009, 10:22 | Category : Life
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In one of the multitude of newsletters that I get, I was introduced to a book called “Where would the button be without the buttonhole?” It’s a book about anonymous design… and quite honestly, that’s about all I know about it.  I’m not a designer, and I had so many new thoughts running through my mind after reading the title that I completely forgot to finish reading the newsletter.

Buttons and buttonholes may be considered a euphemism for other pairings in our lives: a person and their work, soul mates. Buttons and buttonholes seem to be how we define ourselves. We are the buttons that fit into holes. I am the daughter that fits into the “hole” of my mother. Without me, she wouldn’t be a mother, and I wouldn’t be a daughter.  We base who we are, and how we’re valued in the world on these relationships.

Relationships are comforting for us. They give us a solid place. As long as you have a definable relationship with at least one person (or place, or thing), you’re attached to the world. There is security. Just like a neatly buttoned shirt.

But without a button, a button hole is just a hole.

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