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What brings you comfort? Is it your favorite chair, a beverage, being surrounded by friends? In my case, I’ve found that I’m most comfortable being at “home.”  Since I was back in Cinci for work part of this week, I even found that it was comforting to go back to my hotel room, as a temporary home.

Since I got back, I haven’t really left home much. Its close and comfortable, and I’m surrounded by things I love. Sure, there are things I’d like to have, and there are probably places that I would like to go, but for now, being at home brings me comfort. Even simple things like cleaning my kitchen floor or putting away laundry seems to be more attuned to what I want to do rather than galavanting about the country side.

I’m trying to persuade myself that not galavanting is really my way of reducing my carbon footprint. :)

When I was away, I thought of several things I wanted to write about – deep, thoughtful things. Of course, those now escape me. The only thing I can think of is this: the young lady next to me on the plane was knitting baby sweaters, and it made me want to get back to knitting as a way to pass time. So, I’ve dug out my needles and a few left-over balls of yarn, and I’m quickly making up squares for a program run by Michaels. You make 7″x9″ squares (either knit or crochet) and they bind them up into afghans for the homeless. It gives me a chance to perfect some of my techniques as well as use up some of the left-over yarn from previously finished projects.

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