Happy New Year!

Saturday, 3 January 2009, 1:00 | Category : Life
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Not so long ago, my very wise friend said “I effin hate New Years Eve!” At first, I was a bit horrified. I loved New Years. The champagne, the fresh starts, the kissing at midnight. But when I heard more of what he had to say, I agree. Basically, New Years signals a number of fresh starts – a new set of calendars. For some companies, its the new budget cycle, and for most of us, its a new start to our medical insurance premiums.  But New Year’s Eve has become merely an excuse, for many, to get dressed up, drink and eat too much, and start out the New Year vowing to eat and drink less while we reach for the antacid.

If you don’t have plans to attend some spectacular party that allows you to get wasted among 300 of your closest friends, then you’re framed as being “lame.”

The truth, as I see it, is that very very few people are going to truly change because of another trip around the sun. A new calendar isn’t going to organize your house, and saying at midnight one night that you’re going to start exercising doesn’t mean that you will. Every day is a new opportunity to make these resolutions. Really, the success of your resolution depends on how much importance it has in your life.

Oh, and Happy New Year. I love new calendars. :)

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    hey.. hope you did have a Happy New Year and a Happy Jesus’ Birthday too :)

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