Happiness Project

Friday, 26 November 2010, 19:19 | Category : Life
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I finished reading The Happiness Project today. I won’t make the blanket statements that everyone should read it, or that it will change your life – all I can say is that I’m glad that I read it, and that I’m hoping to use it’s lessons to change my life. Unlike Eat Pray Love (which I also really enjoyed), The Happiness Project helps you to find ways to increase your happiness levels in your everyday life – not traveling around the world.

I’m hoping to spend the month of December getting ready to kick off my own happiness project for 2011. You don’t have to be unhappy to want to be happier – you just need to recognize that there is more room for joy. :)

If you’re interested in learning more about The Happiness Project, the author (Gretchin Rubin) has a terrific website.

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