The Right-Brain Challenge

Monday, 21 February 2011, 13:23 | Category : Projects
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I’ve got a few visions of how I’d like to be (and how I’d like to be seen). I’ve wanted to have a nice, thick, leather bound book that I carry with me – full of notes, post-its, and little mementos of ideas that I’ve collected. I want to use colored pens and have pretty handwriting. (I know, I know, who cares about handwriting when we live in such a computerized world? Well – I do.) Despite having the desire to be this way, I’m not. If I start to use a new notebook, I’m careful to write everything on the lines, and to only use one pen. Each idea gets it’s own page. If there is a post-it note, it’s positioned carefully on the page, or just off the edge to serve as a bookmark.

Even in my dress, I wanted to be a little eccentric (wearing multiple rings or bracelets), or at least fashionable. Instead, I find myself wearing boring, traditional wear – jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt. On a “wild” day, I might wear a fitted jacket over the tee.

When I looked through the book The Right-Brain Business Plan, I finally realized why I was never really being the person I thought I wanted to be. Everything that they recommended was the way I wanted to think about a business plan! The stuff that they said was “boring” and “hard” for a right-brainer to do was exactly what I naturally gravitated toward. I need to use my right brain more.

Under careful consideration, you would expect me to use my right brain quite a bit. After all, I’m in marketing – a “creative” profession. But in online marketing, there’s a lot of left brain work. It’s as much about the analytical metrics as it is about creative offerings. The most creative I am is in writing headlines and marketing copy – and even that’s becoming mundane.

I’m challenging myself to do something more creative every day for the next 21 days (since it takes 21 days to make a habit). Here are a few suggestions that I’ve found online:

  • Draw, doodle, paint – do more art. It doesn’t have to be “good”  art, but pick up a writing instrument and do something other than write a complete sentence on a ruler straight line.
  • Dance – which, will of course, include listening to more music. (I wonder if Zumba classes count as dancing?)
  • Write a short story or poem.

I may never be a right-brainer, but I’m hoping to find a better balance.

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