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I’ve been listening to lots of music lately, what, with the move and all. Packing, painting, etc. One of the bands getting me through the move is “Saving Jane.” You may have heard their song “Girl Next Door” a few years ago.  But their songs “Ordinary” and “Imperfection” are a couple of fun, chick-lit anthems […]

New Anthem

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From time to time a song just reaches out to me and says “This one’s about you.” I’m sure that happens to everyone, right? Well, the one for today was Imperfection by Saving Jane. The lyrics are below.

I Don't Know You Anymore (Lyrics)

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I’ve started going back and listening to some music that I used to listen to back in late high school and early college – things that remind me of a different time in my life. Today it was Savage Garden. The song that stuck out is “I Don’t Know You Anymore” – keep reading for […]

Reason Why – Lyrics

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I’ve been paying a lot more attention to song lyrics lately (as you may have been able to tell by the fact that I was reading liner notes a couple of days ago…), so I’m probably going to post a few of them here that strike a special chord in me. If you don’t want […]